LimbPower exist to engage amputees and individuals with limb impairments in regular and sustained participation in physical activity, sport and art to improve their quality of life and to aid physical, social and psychological rehabilitation. This requires a number of different approaches and interventions. Publications form an important part of this strategy, giving individuals the information they need to empower them to take control of their own health.


Feel Good with Yoga

A guide to different yoga poses with adaptations for amputees. This guide was written by amputee yoga instructor Marsha T Danzig

Salutation to the sun for amputees

A guide to completing a yoga sun salutation as an amputee.

Amputee Travel Toolkit

Travelling in the UK or abroad can be stressful even if you are non-disabled. Making sure you have everything you need in case of an emergency with your prosthesis or with your residual limb can remove some of this stress and help you plan for a trouble free holiday. LimbPower’s Physical Activity Adviser Poli Paterson has been researching what should be included in your Amputee Travel Toolkit.

LimbPower Dance Resource

A resource explaining why you should consider taking up dance.

LimbPower Cycling Guide

A guide to cycling for amputees and individuals with limb impairments.

Gym Resource

A Guide to Gym for Amputees and individuals with limb difference.

Encouraging more disabled people to volunteer in sport

Make volunteering in sport more appealing for disabled people, new research finds New research released on International Volunteer Day (5 December) will enable providers to improve their volunteering opportunities, especially for disabled people. The report, ‘Encouraging disabled people to volunteer in sport’, explores the barriers to volunteering and the drivers that could improve its appeal.…

Newsletter Summer 2017

LimbPower News featuring information about the work of LimbPower including events, workshops. resources and research.

Newsletter Spring 2017

LimbPower News, featuring information about the work of LimbPower, including events, activities, research and resources.

Running Guide for Amputees

This is a guide to help amputees learn to run.

Amputee Sport and Physical Activity Survey 2016

New research released today by National charity LimbPower, Wednesday 8th February reveals clear demand for more sport and physical activity opportunities that are accessible for amputees and people with limb impairments. The findings published in a new report by LimbPower, aim to inform and support providers and sport bodies to plan and deliver more appealing and suitable activities for people…

Children's Activity Prosthetic Fund Eligibility Criteria

Between now and the end of March 2018, the Department of Health is making available a total of £750,000 to fund prostheses in England for children who have suffered limb loss or were born with a limb deficiency, to enable them to engage in physical activity and sports. NHS Limb centres in England may request funds from the Department of Health for individual prosthesis they have prescribed up to…

Children's Activity Prosthetic Fund Questions and Answers

Children's Activity Prosthetic Fund explained with a Questions and Answers section


A guide to the work of LimbPower - The Charity’s mission is to engage amputees and the limb impaired in regular and sustained participation in recreational and competitive sport and the arts, to improve their quality of life and aid physical, social and psychological rehabilitation. LimbPower aim to put each amputee and limb impaired person in touch with the right sport and leisure activity for…

EFDS Inclusive Communications Guide

The communications you send on behalf of your organisation are a vital component of what it means to be involved in your sport or physical activity.. It is vitally important that every communication you send whether it is a calendar of events, promotional material or a member newsletter, reaches the widest possible audience. The more people you can successfully communicate with the better. There…

Inclusion of Swimmers with a Disability

Inclusion of Swimmers with a Disability - This publication contains information on teaching swimmers with a disability.

LimbPower’s Running Blade Guide

LimbPower’s Running Blade Guide - Information and advice - Running Blades

LimbPower Sport Magazine 2013

LimbPower Sport Magazine 2013 - 40 Page Guide To Sport For The Amputee And Ambulant Disabled.

LimbPower Sport Magazine 2012

LimbPower Sport 2012 - 40 Page guide to sport for the amputee and ambulant disabled.

Amputee Guide Fit for Life

Amputee Guide Fit for Life - A Guide For Adults With An Amputation.

Being Active Report

An every day guide for people living with an impairment or health condition.