Wheelchair Dance Sport Association (UK)

The WDSA (UK) was set up in 2006 as the UK’s national governing body for wheelchair dance sport and wheelchair dancing. Our aim is to reach out to all areas of the UK in order to preach that everyone can dance by running taster sessions and regular local dance groups. We also train instructors to be able to teach wheelchair dance and also set up their own local group in their area. As well as having wheelchair dance as a fun weekly activity we also have competitive dance couples who compete in national and international competitions. Wheelchair Dance Sport and Wheelchair Dancing is accessible to anyone, with no boundaries in terms of age or level of ability.

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What are my options to participate?

We regularly run taster sessions in areas to gain interest in new local areas that wheelchair dance hasn’t reached before. We also have our instructors who run local groups for everyone to join in and meet up on a weekly basis. You can also become an instructor at one of our instructor courses which we run around the UK.

What equipment do I need?

You do not need any equipment and you don’t have to use a wheelchair! We want everybody to be able to dance together so it doesn’t matter what disability you have or if you don’t have one at all we will always let you get involved and get active.

What will it cost me?

The cost is very minimal. Firstly our taster sessions are always free for everyone to get involved. The local groups are subject to the instructors running the group, there is a varied cost all over the UK due to the different spaces being hired. Our instructor courses are somewhere between £200-£400. However you may be eligible for a bursary funds.

How do I get involved?

Look out in your local areas for us! Look at our events page on the website! Nothing there near you? Contact us and we’ll register your interest in a taster session to be run in your area. We will also be looking for an instructor to run a local group in that area, maybe that could be you too! To contact us simply email OR phone us on 0300 111 30 45. We will be making sure that everyone can dance.