22nd Mar
Olympic Park
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Introduction to Sport Workshops

What is it:

A four-hour workshop designed to help new or inactive amputees and individuals with limb impairments reach their full physical potential and to enable them to experience the joy of physical activity, recreation and sport. Helping them to understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and introducing them to low level activity. The workshop also provides information to the attendees in the form of hand-outs on simple exercises and where to access opportunities locally. Run by trained LimbPower staff, this workshop has been designed by LimbPower and Roehampton University’s Department of Life Sciences.

Who is the workshop for:

It is designed for new amputees or for people the physio/ Doctor believes would benefit from attending. It can also be attended by the multidisciplinary clinical team working in amputee rehabilitation.

Course content:

The course is 4 hours and is made up of theory and practical sessions. There are also adequate breaks built into the session. The course covers areas such as:

Introduction – The Benefits of Activity

  • The benefits exercise and healthy life style
  • Introduction to wide range of sports.
  • Participate with or without a prosthesis, activities for people in a wheelchair.
  • NHS limbs and the different types of limbs available.

Opportunities available how do you find out about sport and physical activity in your local area.

  • Agility, Balance and Coordination exercises
  • Postural stability is essential in the performance of most daily activities and is necessary to lead an independent life.
  • Balance and Coordination assists with ease of movement and the refinement of motor skills enabling an amputee to progress to recreational pursuits and engagement in physical activity.

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • The benefits of Exercises to prevent soft tissue and joint contracture (shortening), which will hinder the amputee's ability to ambulate efficiently with a prosthesis.
  • The benefits of Specific muscle strengthening and stretching exercises to prevent and correct gait deviations to improve prosthetic fit and ambulation and overall functional capacity enabling an amputee to progress to engagement in physical activity.

  • Practical activity
  • Opportunity to experience a range of sport and physical activities provided by local coaches.
  • Sports providers on hand to answer questions.
  • Information on how and where to play sports locally.

22nd March Olympic Park
21st May Stoke Mandeville Stadium

For further information and to discuss your requirements please contact Andy Brittles at andy@limbpower.com

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